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Jan – Healed of Melanoma

Jan was diagnosed with melanoma in February of 2014 and was immediately consumed with fear.  But God arranged a divine appointment for Jan and I.  At that God appointment, I shared my testimony and biblical truth about the fullness of Jesus’ redemptive work at the cross.  Then I invited Jan to receive God’s salvation, and I prayed for her complete healing.  Jan had supernatural peace,
knowing that she was healed.  She decided to comply with her family’s request to have surgery to excise the melanoma and surrounding lymph nodes.  The melanoma specimen was sent to 2 different labs – and the pathology report confirmed God’s report – healed!!!  No cancer found!

Jan had an amazing one-step transformation when we prayed on February 11, 2014.  Since that day, she has been plugged into God 100%!  She has come to know her identity in Christ, the completeness of His redemption, how much she is loved by Him, how absolutely good He is!  She has no fear, no anger, no self-pity … rather, Jan walks through life’s tribulations in amazing joy.  She soars like an eagle – strong, overcoming, soaring above the issues of life!  To God be all the glory – forever and ever!!!

Here is Jan’s beautiful letter to me …

Hi Cindy,

I am writing to say thank you for bringing me to Jesus one year ago today. I was given a medical diagnosis, and through a strange series of phone calls, I ended up talking to you. You shared with me your testimony, told me about Jesus and what the Gospel really was about, and prayed for me. That day changed my life forever.

It was a one step process.... the old me was dead, and I was alive in Christ. This has been an amazing journey, and I find as my relationship with Jesus gets closer, and I yield and submit to Him, I am experiencing so much freedom and joy. It would take me hours to tell you how amazing my marriage, workplace, family, and sphere of influence is and how it's changed when Jesus is released and He works His love.

Anyway, we beat that cancer, and arthritis, and negativity, and bad days and so much more. Completely and totally GONE. I live in a no-fear world, as long as I remain in Jesus. I could go on and on...

Thank you for letting Jesus flow through you as He wooed me to Him. Thank you for your kind, gentle voice as you told me about Jesus and why He died. Thank you for your patience as I kept saying "yes but" and you continued to guide me. Thank you for returning the message I left on your phone. Glory to God.

All my love and gratitude to you, always. And thank you Jesus!


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