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Joe – Healed of Lung Cancer

This is an incredible snapshot of Joe’s healing journey, scripted in an email to Nora, another woman who had been diagnosed with the same cancer.  Nora is now also completely healed! 


Today at exercise class, somebody said, “your cancer is back”.

I said, ”NO!  It’s not “your” cancer, it’s the cancer.”

I’m a Christian, I attend Jesus Christ Heals Today healing class every Wednesday in Troy.  I started when I was diagnosed with lung cancer three years ago.  I was told I had a 17% chance of survival.  Three years out the oncologist is saying it’s time to remove the chemo port.  Good news. 

Cindy Cox teaches the healing class.  She is a friend and will be glad to call you or you can call her.  She is a terrific lady.  She has quite a story to tell about being sent home by her oncologist with an untreatable diagnosis and a few months to live.  That was 13 years ago.  She has a team of 6 or 8 men and women, all of whom have come thru horrific medical situations, some with and some without surgery, chemo, radiation, etc. There are usually about 30 people in the class, current and former cancer patients, some come in with heart problems or other ailments.  Some, of course are friends or loved ones of the ailing person.  Cindy is a retired teacher.   When she was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma, one of her teacher friends was a Christian who believed that Christ “is the same yesterday, today and forever”, meaning that if Jesus healed everyone He came across in the Bible (which He did), then He is still in the healing business today.

Let me stop for a moment to give you a snapshot of my background.  I am the youngest of 9 children.  My father was a Christian minister who, at the age of 41 ran off with a 17-year-old young lady from his congregation.  I was 4 years old at the time, had just gone thru a bout of polio and believed with all my heart that had I been a healthy child, my father would never have left.  Children are such self centered little pricks.  So, since I could only hate myself some of the time and I couldn’t hate my father at all if I was the one at fault, common sense told me the one to hate in this situation was GOD.  I spent the next 30+ years spitting in His general direction.  All of this changed when I met my second wife.  She was one of those dreaded fundamentalist Christians who believed the Bible was “the Word of God” and that God was good, etc. etc. and etc.  I began to look into various aspects of her faith and to make a long story short, came to believe that Jesus was the Son of God and worth further study. 

That was 1981.  The lung cancer sneaked in in 2011, 15 years after I had stopped smoking.  A friend of the family went with my wife and I to our first Jesus Christ Heals Today meeting in April, 2011.  I have been a regular since then.  At that time I was in chemo/radiation at Beaumont, down to a svelte 120 pounds and dropping.  Jesus Christ Heals Today, as taught by Cindy Cox, is all about taking my fear, my anxiety to God on a moment-to-moment basis.  It is about believing that whatever happens I choose to trust God.  Once I reached that milestone, it was another step to believing that I was worth God’s time and from there to believing God had sent His Son to “take my illness and my disease” …  MY illness … MY disease.  Whoa!  I’m not saying this is everyone’s progression; it was mine.  Every week I receive a massive dose of radiation from the Word of God.  All side effects are positive. 

Thanks for your interest; you make me remember how afraid I used to be.  I don’t live there anymore.  It’s a lousy neighborhood not to mention way too expensive.

Love to you, Nora

Joe from Pulmonary Rehab

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