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Bruce – Healed of Hearing Loss

Bruce is an usher at the church I attend.  I am on the prayer team who ministers at the end of each service.  Bruce was serving with me as I prayed.  When all in need had received prayer, he talked to me about how he loves to serve as an usher while I pray … he loves to be witness to the power and presence of God, and to see people receiving God’s grace of healing.  As I responded to his words, I noticed that he was leaning in to hear me, and then he told me that he didn’t hear well.  Without hesitation, I simply laid hands on his ears and prayed healing over him, and then shared a fresh testimony of healing of hearing loss that had happened in our healing meeting just a few weeks prior.   I told him how this particular woman knew she had been healed.  After receiving a word of knowledge for healing of her hearing loss, she stood and received prayer, and fervently believed that she had been healed.  Over the next few days, her healing was evidenced as she talked on her cell phone.  In the past, she had to adjust the volume when she switched ears, because one ear had a significant degree of hearing loss.  But after she received prayer, she no longer had to adjust her phone’s volume to compensate for her loss of hearing. 

When I prayed for Bruce, and shared this testimony, he told me that he had caused his own problem, and that the hearing loss was his own fault.  I told him that it didn’t matter.  Jesus paid the price for him … completely … and that the gift of grace isn’t based on our merit or lack thereof.  Jesus took what we deserved, and gave us what we didn’t deserve.

Bruce came to me the following Sunday, overflowing with joy.  He told me that he knew that his hearing was improving when he talked on his cellphone (just like the testimony I had shared with him)!  He literally asked the person on the other end why they were shouting into the phone!  It was as if God had turned up the volume on his hearing!  Then, when he went to bed, the ticking on his battery-powered clock was so loud that he couldn’t sleep, and he had to put the clock in a drawer!   Bruce hadn’t been able to hear the beep of the microwave in his kitchen.  Now he hears it from his bedroom!  He wasn’t able to hear the buzz of the dryer when it finished.  Now he hears the dryer’s buzzer from the living room! 

Bruce was completely overwhelmed that God healed him, even though he had caused his own problem.  He told me that when I prayed for him, he didn’t have any faith that he would be healed, because he didn’t feel like he deserved it! 

Jesus doesn’t save, heal, or deliver based on our own merits.  Every single one of us lacks what it would take to “deserve” His grace.  That’s why it’s called grace – unmerited favor!  He loves us, pure and simple.  He paid the price for our salvation, and our healing, and our deliverance from ALL evil!  He wants us to come to Him just as we are, and to receive the gift He paid for with His life!

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