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Cindy – Healed of Chronic Pain  

Cindy was in a very severe car accident in September of 2013.  As a result of the injuries she sustained, her doctor told her she would probably always have pain. 

One year later, my husband Kent needed some physical therapy support and Cindy was assigned as his physical therapist.  The Holy Spirit opened the door to deep conversation regarding God’s perfect will to heal between Kent and his PT, Cindy.

Cindy attended one of our healing meeting in November of 2014, and received healing prayer.  She could tangibly feel the healing touch of God when hands were laid upon her, and all of the pain in her back left.  However, about a week later it returned.  Cindy told Kent about her experience, and he encouraged her to receive healing prayer again.  I (Cindy Cox) ministered to her in December.  Once again, when I laid hands on her to pray, she felt God’s presence in her back, and all pain left.

One week later it returned again.  At Kent’s next physical therapy visit, he shared with Cindy that her healing was complete, and that the enemy was trying to deceive her into buying back the pain.  Cindy then realized the pain she had been experiencing was inconsistent and moved from place to place.   Pain that has a physical cause is consistent.  When she came to the fullness of the knowledge of the truth, she began to speak to that pain and tell it to go.  She declared the finished work of Jesus, and she declared that she WAS healed!  The spirit of pain left once and for all.  Cindy says that she now feels like she was never in the car accident!  Praise You Jesus!!!

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