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Cynthia – Healed of Hepatitis B

In 2007, my primarily doctor discovered a problem with my liver and after testing, diagnosed me with Hepatitis B.  I must have contracted the disease in 1977 when I did missionary work in Haiti.  I was told that it was incurable, and that because I had had it so long, there would be no improvement.  They put me on medicine and told me I must take it every day for the rest of my life.  If I did not take the medicine, my liver would deteriorate more quickly.  The purpose of the medicine was to slow down the inevitable cirrhosis of my liver.  Eventually, the doctor told me I would need a liver transplant in order to live.    

For the last years I have been seeing a specialist for Hepatitis B and having blood tests and an ultrasound every six months, along with taking the prescribed medicine.  But I have also been standing in faith and believing God for His healing.  For while science says there is not a cure, and man says I must learn to live with Hepatitis B, the Word of God says "What is impossible with man is possible with God."  Therefore I have been praying in agreement with God's Word, taking communion daily, and choosing to believe that it is God's desire for me to be healed.  I have commanded Hepatitis B to leave my body - for it had no legal right.  

6 months ago I had yet another ultrasound and blood test.  When I went to the specialist for my follow-up consultation, she told me she wanted to take another blood sample, and to do another ultrasound.  After the second ultrasound, the technician commented that she didn't understand why my doctor had ordered another ultrasound since I had had one just 3 months ago.  I left wondering if something was very wrong.

To make a long story short, I received a letter from my liver specialist after the 2nd blood test and ultrasound, and the HBV virus not detected!!!!  To that end - I am announcing that I no longer have Hepatitis B!  God is faithful - and God is good!  AND I GIVE HIM ALL THE GLORY AND ALL THE PRAISE!!!  HE ALONE DESERVES IT!!!

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