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Pamela – Healed of Fibromyalgia

Pam had been plagued with the pain of fibromyalgia for over 20 years, and it had just gotten worse over time until it was more or less constant.    Cindy had been invited to speak at the February First Wednesday service at Life Christian Church in Howell.  The weather was horrendous, with a huge snowstorm and terrible roads.  Pam almost didn't come to church that night because the pain was so severe.   A few people had told Pam about Cindy’s healing, and her ministry of healing, but she was a little skeptical because she had never seen such a thing.

But Pam did come to that healing meeting, and as she listened closely to Cindy’s testimony, her doubt and skepticism began to slip away.  When Cindy called for anyone who needed healing to come forward, Pam still wasn't totally sure, but she felt a "push" inside her telling her to go forward.  Cindy laid hands on Pam and began to pray over her, and Pam felt something start to change.  Katrina, another minister of healing, took over when Cindy moved on to pray for others.  Katrina laid hands on Pam and began to pray in the Spirit.   Pam started to feel weak in the legs, and was helped to the floor, resting in the peace and heavy anointing of the Holy Spirit.   She started sobbing, and felt the pain oozing out of her body like dirty oil.  When the glory of God subsided, Pam was finally was able to stand, and she has been pain-free since that time – healed of fibromyalgia!   

Pam says this to you, “Perhaps my story can give someone else hope for their own healing. I know that it was hard for me to believe that it was even possible in this day and age, but now I know the truth, and I will rejoice!”

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