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Caroline – Healed of Depression/Oppression

Caroline is a young, beautiful woman.  She is newly married to a young pastor, and they both know and love God with all their heart.  Caroline has fought with bouts of depression her whole life.  When she became pregnant early in her marriage, depression, oppressive fear, and a cloud of darkness engulfed her.  When her beautiful baby girl was born, the enemy’s hold over her grew even stronger.  Caroline could literally taste death, she was steeped in the darkest place she had ever been, and was suicidal.  Caroline couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t eat, she couldn’t even take care of her newborn daughter. 

Caroline was hospitalized and prescribed medicine to help balance her hormones that had gone wild during her postpartum season.  Although the medicine helped her significantly with sleeping and eating, Caroline had deeply rooted lies within her soul that were brought to the surface through this season of her life.  At one point, she began to doubt the goodness of God, and whether or not He even existed at all. 

But God never abandoned her. 

At that time, Caroline connected with Abba Father through the book of Psalms.  She read how David, the man whom God said was a man after His own heart, fought with depression and demonic oppression in a huge way.  As Caroline read Psalm 77, she heard her own voice.  In the beginning of the psalm, David cries out to the Lord in complete desperation – but then He chooses to remember and speak of the amazing things He has seen God do.  Caroline realized that she had been crying out in anguish to God, but hadn’t remembered and acknowledged His goodness that she had seen in her life.  So she began to count her numerous blessings … her amazing husband, her beautiful daughter, her family ...  She even wrote out her blessings and posted them in her home where they were constantly in front of her eyes and her mind!

Then she heard from God.  He told her, “Life is too short.  Let me into every area of your life, into every area that is causing you to suffer.  I will carry every concern for you.”  

Caroline, weak and exhausted, replied, “Ok, take them!” 

Caroline came out of this dark season of her life stronger than ever before, with a deep sense that God was with her every moment during that time.  She was surrounded with strong faith friends.  She connected with Cindy’s ministry and was mentored by Fran, a woman on Cindy’s ministry team.  Caroline’s husband and her family stood strong and steadfast in faith for her complete restoration, and spoke God’s truth over her constantly. 

But God wasn’t done yet.  Caroline was set free of one burden on her soul after another … unsubstantiated jealousy, insecurity, inadequacy, generational curses of depression.  Father God told her, “I want to take these things too”. 

At one point Caroline told Father God, “This one’s too big.”  But He replied, “You said that before.  I can heal this too.” 

Caroline has come to know Abba much more deeply than ever before.  Just like David, God has delivered her from severe depression, and she knows that He can and will deliver her from all of the attacks of the enemy. 

So many chains have been broken in Caroline’s soul.  Although the process was intensely painful, Caroline now experiences immense freedom.  She knows that she must surrender daily, and cast all of her cares on God, simply saying, “Take this from me, Father!”  It’s hard, but simple.  Caroline has come to realize that she can make issues of life bigger than they are by the meditation of her heart and the words of her mouth.  But now she says, “Oh no devil, not this time”!   And instead of harboring negative thoughts and speaking destructive words, she starts declaring who she is in Christ! 

When Caroline’s baby was born, she couldn’t smile, couldn’t even stand up straight, could barely breathe, eat, or sleep.  BUT NOW, she can laugh and enjoy life.  She came from a place of wanting to die -- to loving life and all that God has given her! 

Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives!   Praise Him!!!!

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