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Deborah-Naomi – Healed of life-long wounds of her soul

Deborah began attending Illness Recovery at Life Christian Church during this past summer.  She was not fighting a physical illness, but was being very strongly directed by Abba to attend these healing classes.  He soon revealed to her that she had deep wounds upon her soul that were preventing her from living a life of freedom; the abundance of life that Jesus came to provide! 

Deborah not only attended Illness Recovery and rich, Holy Spirit Sunday services at Life Christian Church, she also had a SOZO ministry session with Cindy.  The Greek word “sozo” is used 110 times in the New Testament, and refers to all that Jesus purchased through His magnificent sacrifice on the cross -- healing, salvation, and deliverance for His people. 

SOZO ministry is gentle.  It is safe.  It is honoring.  Sozo is not counseling but rather a process of beholding God and inquiring of Him.   Roots (lies, open doors) are exposed and rooted out, and wounds are gloriously healed. 

The following is a list of “Post-Sozo Praises” Deborah shared with Cindy.  THIS is healing.  THIS is what Jesus came to provide! 

Personal testimony shared by Deborah-Naomi, with permission and joy!  

Soul Gifts from Abba

  1. Pure anticipation
  2. Giddy excitement
  3. Joy in uncertainty
  4. Write letters to Abba
  5. NEVER really tried to draw, now I have my "Abba art gallery" of art ideas, and creating them
  6. Women in my life that I am praying for are having breakthroughs
  7. God Hugs and Smiles (the minor details you follow through on that I cannot control that make the day, i.e. green lights, extending the gas in my tank, someone pays for my food etc.)
  8. Financial increase, even though I am working less... its a God economy thing
  9. Gave me a desire to be married and I am actively preparing (crocheting my dishrags.. always the little things right?)
  10. Courage to launch a small business
  11. Writing my children's book
  12. Obsessive planning has ceased; even the desire to has gone away (anxiety and control issues have submitted themselves to the prince of Peace!!)
  13. SLEEP!
  14. Health and wellness (ever heard of Kefir....50 probiotics) no brain fog this semester!
  15. Pursuing my calling and preparing for public office (still in training but I am not resisting)
  16. Preparing my heart and life for ministry
  17. Training for a 5k
  18. Completing tasks with lightness and ease
  19. Incredible sense of balance
  20. No residual bitterness, anger or resentment towards others for past hurts
  21. Openness, vulnerability and connection are present in my life and I am not afraid of them
  22. Intimacy, I am no longer afraid to be seen for who I truly am (all of my beauty and the beauty to come....LOL you know what I mean)
  23. I love my womanhood... all of it … mind, soul, body...all of me!
  24. New friends
  25. Quiet time is like drinking rich hot cocoa and no calories! So good!
  26. A deeper desire to operate in my life from a place of peace

It’s my time!  No more cindersoot for this girl, I have been invited to the ball and I am getting ready!!


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