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Erica – Healed of Severe Depression and Insecurity

Since I was a young elementary-school-aged girl, I had thoughts of depression, insecurity and suicide. They were so familiar that I thought they were normal.  I often thought about disappearing, that I had nothing good to offer, and the world would be better off without me, so I should just end my life.  I would usually push the thoughts down, not address them and move on.  

In adulthood, a series of life events brought me to the point that I finally admitted these thoughts, and a dear friend assured me they were not normal.  She told me that God loves me and created me perfectly, with a purpose, and I could be free of the oppressive voices.  

I began reading God’s Word, searching through the scriptures for truths that were the hardest for me to believe -- God's love, His goodness, His grace.  (I didn't have to prove I was worth saving!).  When a scripture hit my heart that was difficult to believe, I would write it on an index card. I carried those cards with me everywhere. 

2 Corinthians 10:5 states "Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ".  When the lies of the deceiver came, and the voices in my head started talking, I would pick up my scripture cards and read them aloud to myself, sometimes declaring them boldly and loudly, so the Word of God drowned out all the lies, all the voices.  There were days I would speak God’s Truth with tears streaming down my cheeks because it was so hard to believe. Sometimes I would say "God this is what Your Truth says, so I choose to believe."   Believing isn't a feeling; it's a choice. The more I spoke Truth the more I believed it.  

Today, the tormenting voices and lies are gone. God is the God of life and hope and freedom.  Standing on the truth of His word, and believing that He keeps His promises, has brought me freedom, joy, and peace!  


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