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Keri – Healed of Depression and Bi-Polar Disorder

Keri had her first mental breakdown when her children were ages 2 and 4.  Over the next several years, she received counseling and medication for mild to deep depression.  She was admitted to a psychiatric hospital 5 times.  Once she took an overdose of prescription strength sleeping pills, just to see what they would do.  At her lowest point she lost her job and her insurance, and her diagnosis was changed to bipolar disorder.  The doctor said that she would always have the disorder, and would need medication for the rest of her life. 

That’s when Keri started attending Cindy’s healing classes with her mother.  As she learned God’s will and purpose for her life, and began applying His Word, she started feeling better again.  Her mother began teaching Cindy’s healing bible study in her home church, and Keri attended that class as a support to her mom. 

People began to notice that Keri was blossoming into her healthy self again.  She was gradually weaned completely off the medicine and psychiatric care.  One Sunday at church, Keri’s brother-in-law came up to her and told her, “It’s good to have you back!   She replied, “It’s good to be back”! 

That was in 2010.  Today Keri is doing things she never imagined she would do.   She had never imagined going to college with a high school GPA of only 1.78.  But now Keri is a full-time college student earning three degrees.  She’s made the Dean’s list every semester for the past three years with a cumulative GPA of 3.85!  In addition to being a full-time college student, Keri is successfully working again!

Keri’s mom says, “It’s like Keri woke up one day and said, ‘Enough is enough. I’m tired of living this way.’ And did something about it.”  

Keri took one step at a time in the process of her emotional healing.  Simply getting out of bed and sitting with her family was the first big step.  Keri used to have no confidence in herself … today she is more confident about herself than she’s ever been.  She knows that God was with her on every step of her healing journey!

Keri says, “I feel like God created a new me!”

Keri wants her testimony to be an inspiration to others that Jesus heals today!!!

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