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Mary – Healed of the Wound of Abandonment

Mary is a woman in her mid-fifties, who has never been married.  She is very successful in her career, a woman of strong faith who ministers to others in need and knows God very personally and intimately.  She is a woman with a strong character and personality, an excellent communicator, living a life of abundance.  But during a ministry of healing directed toward the soul, Father God revealed a very deep inner wound.  The wound occurred when her father died about 50 years ago.  Mary was a very young girl at the time, only 3 years old.  She barely remembered her dad, and certainly had no residual mourning or grief in her heart.  She didn’t even realize that her soul had been deeply wounded through her father’s death.    

Father God revealed the wound in her soul that was inflicted when her father abandoned her at 3 years old.  When he died, he left her without a father to love her, to protect her, to provide for her, to be there for her.  God revealed to her that the reason she had never married was because of this wound in her soul that caused her to believe the lie that if she allowed a man to love her, if she gave her heart in love to a man, he might abandon her too.  She had closed herself off to love, because of the wound in her soul, and the lie of the enemy.

But God healed that long-standing wound.  Mary made a choice to forgive her father for dying and abandoning her.  She released him from the debt that he could never repay, the debt he owed her to be her dad, to protect her, to love her, to care for her.  She handed Father God the wound of her soul, the pain of abandonment.  And then she asked Him this question, “Father God, what do you have for me in exchange?” 

What happened next was one of the most beautiful restorations I’ve ever witnessed in my years of ministry.  Mary narrated what she was experiencing in the spiritual realm.  This is what she said …

“I saw Father God come and take a little girl heart out of my chest.  It was a child-sized heart.  It appeared to be made of pottery, but it was completely covered with cracks.  Father God removed that heart, and then He brought me a new heart.  My new heart was an adult-sized heart.  It was glistening, radiant, brand-new.  He took that heart and placed it in my chest, into the cavity where my old shattered heart had been.  After replacing my heart, He closed my chest, and massaged it with His hands.  When He lifted His hands, my chest was completely whole, without even a scar.”

Mary had received a heart transplant!  Her soul wound had been healed by the Master!  

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