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Pamela - Testimony about Bi-polar Healing

Wonderfully wonderful!!! Before today I had experienced four truly unique “best” days: The day my daughter Jeanette was born, the day my daughter Andrea was born, the day Andrea’s son Joey was born (I was in the delivery room), and the day I was healed of fibromyalgia on February 5, 2014. The one who had the gift of healing is Minister Cindy Cox. But now there is one more truly unique “best” day. This is day I have been healed of Bi-polar disorder. I guess it is a little more subjective, because there is no test I can take or lack of pain I can point to, but I still felt healing.

I had talked to Pastor Devin a few weeks before about if it was possible to be healed of Bi-polar, because I knew it was genetic, and the general medical belief was that this is something I will be living with the rest of my life. But Pastor Devin reminded me that God doesn’t cause illness, and because of the blood of Christ I could be healed, and the generational curse could be broken. So I asked two women, Pastor Sandy and Katrina, if they would be in agreement with me for healing. We knew Minister Cindy Cox was coming back, and I wanted to be ready with the faith that healing could take place.

That Sunday Minister Cindy Cox preached the lesson, and then started calling for groups of people who needed healing as the Lord brought them to her mind. Severe headaches, abdominal pain, other pains and illnesses. Then she asked for any who had mental disorders who wanted healing. I had spoken to her before the service to let her know how things had worked out with the fibromyalgia, so when I stood (practically jumped up!), she smiled and extended her hand saying, “You’re ready, aren’t you Pam?” Of course I was! Forty-seven years of dealing with this was forty-seven years too many! She prayed over me, laying on hands, then had me repeat after her, declaring, “I walk in Divine health, I walk in Divine health, I walk in Divine health!” My chest started to hurt, like it was being crushed, and it was hard to breathe. I had to push the pressure up, and forcefully breathe it out. I know that might sound a little weird, but I can’t it explain it any other way.

It’s kind of funny, because when Pastor Devin and I talked about this before, he asked me what I would do next after I received the healing, and I really didn’t have an answer. I didn’t know what came next! But as I was finishing up a study about healing written by Minister Cindy Cox, I realized that almost all of those Christ healed praised God for their healing. All the way home that day all I could do was just thank God over and over for what I know He did for me. I don’t know if I will ever have any other symptoms in the future, but I do believe I am walking in Divine health and if I do experience anything unpleasant it won’t be from God but a lie and an attack from the evil one, and I know how to handle those now!

But a day or so later I started to feel afraid that it would come back. A part of me knew what was going on, but I wasn’t able to shake it on my own. Fortunately I was going to a small group study that afternoon. The book happens to be by Joyce Meyer, “Battlefield of the Mind” which I had recently read, and which did tie in somewhat with what I had been dealing with. Anyway, we were talking about prayer requests, and I told them about my fears. I told them that I knew that God didn’t send a spirit of fear, so it had to be from the enemy, but that I was having a hard time dealing with it on my own. They agreed to pray about it right then. One of the ladies, Cynthia, said that she had a gift for healing, and asked if it would be okay to lay hands on me and pray. Of course I said yes. So while Cynthia prayed for my total healing, Evelyn and I prayed in the Spirit. Then Cynthia must have found the spirit plaguing me, because she commanded it to come out on me, and lifted her hands away at the same time. I felt, and almost saw the demon leave my body! I couldn’t stand, and went to the floor, binding the spirit, or spirits, and casting them out by the blood of Jesus. It took a little bit, but I was able to sit up and catch my breath, and finally drive home. I have not been bothered from that day to this, nearly three weeks now. Praise God!

I am just so incredibly happy now, and feel so blessed! Quite a few people knew about this struggle and have prayed with me and for me, and I just praise God for sending them to me and for their godly council, support and prayers.

Also, going hand-in-hand with this, I had been leading a broken life because of an abusive past. Bitterness and anger frequently troubled me and clouded my mind. I often blamed the problems of my present on my past. What I didn’t know at first was that both of the women I had asked to mentor me also had abusive histories. Pastor Sandy Knox loaned me Joyce Meyer’s book “Beauty for Ashes” to help me learn how to deal with this and grow along God’s will for me. I was really starting to grasp the principles before my healing. And I am in another small group with Katrina Peruzzi where we are studying yet another Joyce Meyer book, “Conflict Free Living.” (I’m starting to see a real pattern here with Joyce Meyer!) With all of these different studies and intense praying, I am feeling a peace and joy in the Lord and in my life I have never known before. To me, this is the greatest evidence that I have been healed, and I am walking in Divine health!

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