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Miracle Max

Miracle Max – Perfect baby born through the grace of God! 

Lisa Starr is a powerful warrior for Abba, and a believing believer!  She has good reason to believe God heals … she was completely healed of glioblastoma (brain cancer) 5 years ago!  Lisa was a constant source of support for her sister, Holly, through years of waiting for the fulfillment of the desire of her heart, a baby. 

Holly and her husband Eric had their first daughter 5 years ago.  They wanted another child, and tried to conceive for 3 years.  Finally, Holly sought the help of a fertility specialist.  She took fertility medicine, and underwent expensive procedures to try to become pregnant. 

The final, very expensive, procedure took place in December of 2013.  Holly and Eric were out of options.  The evening before the results of the procedure would be known, God revealed His perfect will to Lisa, who shared this amazing encounter with Holly the next day!

Lisa is on our
Jesus Christ Heals Today ministry team at Life Christian Church.  On that night, Cindy had a word of knowledge for conception and pregnancies.  Lisa stood up to receive that word of knowledge on behalf of her sister.  At that very moment, another man at the meeting visibly saw an angel appear on the altar.  It came from behind a simple wooden cross, and walked down the aisle of the chapel holding a baby wrapped in a blue bundle.  Phil, the man who witnessed the angelic visitation, was being mentored by Lisa through a very difficult season.  Phil’s son-in-law was fighting glioblastoma, the same cancer that Lisa had been healed of.  When Phil saw that angel, he was completely overwhelmed, and with tears of awe, he told Lisa what he had seen.  Lisa knew that the angel was there for her and for Holly, showing them God’s good plan and purpose for Holly!

The next day, Holly learned that that final, expensive procedure did not work.  She was not pregnant.  However, when Lisa shared the angel’s visitation carrying the swaddled baby, her faith rose up to believe God for her heart’s desire.  One month later, she was pregnant, with no medical intervention whatsoever!  

But the enemy didn’t give up.  Holly had 3 very grave reports during her pregnancy.  On Holly’s first ultrasound, a nuclei fold on the back of the baby’s neck was seen. This observance raised the very real possibility that the baby had Down’s Syndrome.  Lisa and Holly said, “NO” to that lie and “YES” to God’s promise revealed by the angel.  Lisa asked God for a scripture to uphold them, and He gave her Luke 1:42b:
Blessed is the fruit of your womb.  Later reports came back negative for Down’s Syndrome! 

The next concern came when the doctors discovered that Holly had only 1 artery supplying her baby through the umbilical cord.  Women are supposed to have 2 arteries feeding their fetus.  The doctor said this could result in a stillborn baby, or at the very least, a very low birth-weight.  Lisa and Holly said, “NO” to that lie and “YES” to God’s promise revealed by the angel.  Once again, Lisa asked God for a Scripture to declare over the baby boy.  He put Psalm 118:17 on her heart: 
Baby boy will not die but live, and proclaim what the Lord has done!

Lisa and Holly continued to pray non-stop and believe God for a perfect baby.

The third bad report came later in the pregnancy.  Another ultrasound showed an obstruction in the bowel called echogenic bowel, which was a sign of possible cystic fibrosis.  One again, Lisa and Holly said, “NO” to that lie and “YES” to God’s promise revealed by the angel. 

Holly’s and Eric’s son was due on December 15
th.  The doctors chose to induce Holly on December the 9th.  Holly delivered Miracle Max without any complications.  He was perfect in every way.  8 and a half pounds, beautiful and blessed!!!

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