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Before being diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma in February of 2002, Cindy’s life was just “fine”, (or so she thought)! She had a stable marriage of 24 years with her husband, Kent. They owned a nice home in the suburbs. Their children were in the process of finishing high school or going on to college. The whole family faithfully went to church every single Sunday. And she had a great, though all-consuming, career as a Learning Consultant in an excellent school district.

Cindy Teaching

Cindy’s storybook life was suddenly turned upside down when she received a diagnosis of Stage 4 melanoma – Incurable, and the prognosis of 6 to 9 months to live. After the initial shock and onslaught of death-gripping fear, Cindy relinquished control of her life to her only source of hope … Almighty God.  She was led to the Lord on February 19th, 2002, and began her blessed journey of faith and healing.  Within 6 months, Cindy was completely healed of cancer, without any medical intervention! 

After receiving miraculous healing, Cindy and her husband Kent attended and graduated from the Life Bible Institute. The purpose of this two-year intense course of study is to enable believers to live successfully in every area of their lives and to empower them to advance the Kingdom of God.

That is exactly what took place within Cindy and Kent as the ripple effect of Cindy’s healing began to manifest. As she surrendered her new life to ministering to others in desperate need of healing, they too have received their divine healing.  Cindy and Kent lead weekly healing meetings called “Jesus Christ Heals Today”, where those in need receive knowledge of the truth regarding the healing Jesus provided for us over 2000 years ago!  They also travel to preach the Word, and pray for the sick.  They simply say yes to God’s great co-mission.  And He confirms His word of truth with souls saved, bodies healed, and lives radically changed! 

To God be the glory and honor, forever!

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