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2024 - Teachings

Magnify the Cross Over the Loss
Recorded April 2024

To “magnify the cross” means to the significance of Jesus and the finished work of His cross in your heart and in your actions. “Over the loss” means everything else in your life! The problem is, in this world, believers often do the opposite. We magnify everything else in our life over Jesus and the finished work of His cross! In this teaching, Cindy highlights 4 dangerous areas many Christians fall into … being self-centered instead of God-conscious; focusing on our past wounds and failures, (Are you a living product of what YOU’VE been through, instead of what HE’S been through?); giving the issue more attention than we do God; and even allowing the issue to become an idol in our prayer life, hindering our faith in the bigness of our God!

Misperceptions About God
Recorded March 2024

Futures are being shaped by misperceptions about God. There are many distorted perceptions of God that have become deeply rooted and established in Christianity. How do we know if they are completely true, or if truth has been twisted to help us to understand the evil in the world around us? Look at Jesus! The Son is the dazzling radiance of God’s splendor, the exact expression of God’s true nature – His mirror image! (Hebrews 1:3a) If there’s a concept about God that cannot be substantiated in the life of Jesus, it is simply NOT TRUE! In this teaching, Cindy shares six distorted perceptions of God, and biblical truth to refute each of them.

Knowing God Personally
Recorded March 2024

Yada is an Old Testament word that means “to know”. Ginosko is a New Testament word that means “to know”. This kind of knowing is relational, progressive, and impactful. It means to be aware, to perceive, to discern, to know through experience or encounter, to know intimately. We are known very personally by God. He desires us to know Him personally, and then to make Him known! The fruit of the Christian life comes from knowing God personally!

Supernatural Acceleration!
Guest Speaker: Pastor Fran Viers

Recorded Feb 2024

Speaker Pastor Fran Viers teaches on Supernatural Acceleration!

Can We Know God’s Will for Healing?
Guest Speaker: David Riffel

Recorded Feb 2024

Guest Speaker David Riffel teaches a message on "Can We Know God’s Will for Healing?"

Persistence in Prayer
Recorded Jan 2024

In most situations, the release of the Holy Spirit power within us cannot simply be a one-time prayer. Persistence—consistent and ongoing releases of Holy Spirit power—is often needed. The earnest, heartfelt, continued prayer of the believer makes tremendous power available!

Releasing Holy Spirit Power
Recorded Jan 2024

Believers are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are the voice of God here on the earth. God’s power is released on earth through human vessels. He expects and needs us to release Holy Spirit power into our own lives and into the lives of others. The laying on of hands is one of the scriptural methods of releasing the power of God that is within us. God also uses us to wield His power through the spoken word of God and through Holy Spirit led declarations and decrees.

Healing for Hopelessness
Recorded Jan 2024

Jesus, the Christ, the best gift ever given: For here is the way God loved the world—he gave his only, unique Son as a gift. (John 3:16a TPT). The best gift we can give to God is our adoration. To “adore” is:
    1. To worship with profound reverence; to address with exalted thoughts, by prayer and thanksgiving; to           pay divine honors to; to honor as a god or as divine.
    2. To love in the highest degree; to regard with the utmost esteem, affection and respect; as, the people           adore their prince.
God loves us as a parent loves a child, and He desires our love in return. Pouring out our adoration, our worship, our praise to God, is giving Him a most precious gift!

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